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Dombóvár 03.04.2011.

Armadales Leader of the Game Rockwell Viking from the master Rockwell Viking Rockwell Viva Viva

judge: Katalin Radvánszky(H)

puppy male: Rockwell Enjoy very promising I. owner: Deliné Székely Ágnes
Zenith of Rockwell Fanfan very promising II.
young male: Rockwell Zac exc.I. JCAC owner: Sárközy Norbert
intermedum male: Rockwell Viking from the Master exc.I.CAC
champion male: Ch.Armadale's Leader of the Game exc.I.CAC
intermedium female: Rockwell Viva la Master exc.I.CAC, BOB

We spended there a beautifull they, thank you very much to Hermina Görgényi and to my friends who were helping to us!!!!!!