You are hereCACIB Pécs 13.06.2010.

CACIB Pécs 13.06.2010.

Ch. Rockwel Number One Winner CAC, CACIB, BOB, Multich. Rockwell Noel res. Veteran BIS Rockwel Pom-pom kit.1.JCAC_

bíró: Csík István (H)

Judge: István Csík (H)

young male: Rockwell Popeye exc. 2.
open male: Rockwell Number One Winner exc. 1. CAC,CACIB, BOB!!!!
The nicest dog from Pécs!!!!

veteran male: Multich. Rockwel Noel exc. I. CAC,res. BIS Veterán !!!

puppy female: Rockwell Viva La Master very promising
young female: Rockwell Pom-pom exc. I.JCAC
interm. female: Rockwell Over the Top exc. II. res. CAC
open female: Rockwell Dominó exc. II. res. CAC
veteran female: Rockwell Quincy exc. I. CAC

Congratulation to my girlfriends, who were doing this show alone without me and specially to Hermina to the nice results of Winner!!!